Dr. Patricia A. Stokes, PsyD., PLP Provisionally Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Stokes is a provisionally licensed psychologist with Carewright Clinical Services. She works closely with geriatric patients in long-term care Nursing Facilities and Rehabilitation Centers. She helps with the assessment of patients that have mental health disorders or those that have adjustment difficulties with overall health life changes and challenges. She assesses patients’ behavior and needs via observation, psychological evaluation, and psychotherapy sessions. She conducts family therapy sessions to assist family members with the care needs of their loved ones and to improve family relations by bringing understanding to the nuances of mental illness. She also provides assistance to nursing home staff to utilize systemic processes for documenting behavioral observations and activators of behavioral expressions.

Dr. Stokes attended Jackson State University for 3 years majoring in Business Administration. She later completed a Paralegal Degree at Phillip Community College. She completed her undergraduate degree at Northwood University in Business Management graduating with honors. She graduated from Our Lady of the Lake University with a Master’s in Psychology. She graduated from Argosy University with her Master’s in Clinical Psychology and a Doctor of Psychology.

Dr. Stokes did her postdoctoral fellow with a Pain Management Clinic. She assisted patients therapeutically that had life changing disabilities and chronic pain. She did a second postdoctoral fellow with Dallas County Juvenile Center. There she worked with juvenile sex offenders and their parole offers; young men ranging from 7 to 18 that were repeat offenders.