Assessment Therapy Consultation

Offering Comprehensive Mental Health Services for All

Assessment Therapy Consultation

Offering Comprehensive Mental Health Services for All

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Offering the gold standard of high-quality mental health services to children, adolescents, adults, and seniors.

Our Services

Carewright Clinical Services provides psychological evaluations, psychiatric services, and psychotherapy to children, adults, and geriatric populations throughout the country.

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In order to ensure that your visit is as swift as possible, please feel free to print and complete our patient forms prior to your appointment.

Our Promise

We understand no two mental health disorders are the exact same and provide personal treatment plans aimed at accurately treating your specific needs.

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We Are Available for Patients Nationwide

At Carewright Clinical Services, we strive to serve children, adults, and seniors with the highest standard of mental healthcare services. After all, mental health requires just as much care and attention as physical health, and we understand that each of our patients requires personalized, caring attention from our doctors.

We are available anywhere in the US. Contact us if you need quality mental health services, from psychotherapy to forensic evaluations. We are committed to your lifelong well-being, and we’ll work hard to assist you on your journey to reaching stable mental health.

Carewright Clinical Services

Customize Your Mental Healthcare With Carewright Clinical Services

Whether you need psychological evaluations, psychiatric services, or therapy services, Carewright Clinical Services will customize the service to your unique needs. After all, no two people experience mental health issues exactly the same way. When you contact our office for any of the services below, you don’t have to worry that we’ll treat you like a number. You are our neighbor and our friend.

We offer the following services at our location in Dallas, TX:

  • Psychological pre-surgery consultations and evaluations
  • Neuropsychological consultations and evaluations
  • Immigration-related psychological evaluations
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

Why Make a Referral

  1. Questions related to suspected neurological impairment, cognitive/memory decline, or psychiatric related issues.
  2. Patient in need of medication management/psychiatric services
  3. Questions related to compliance/treatment issues with procedures or surgeries (for example, spinal cord stimulator implants and bariatric surgeries).
  4. Diagnosis and mental status regarding placement and/or functioning in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and independent living facilities as well as Power of Attorney issues.
  5. Potential psychotherapy or interactive therapy to treat individuals struggling with dementia, compliance issues, behavioral problems, or related psychiatric/mental health problems.