Paul Po Ching, PsyD., Provisional Psychologist

Paul Po Ching is a Licensed professional counselor who assists with the completion of psychological medical clearance evaluations at Carewright Clinical Services. Additionally, completed his Doctor of Psychology degree from California Southern University as a Golden Key Honor Society member in December of 2022. He will continue his post-doctorate work with Carewright Clinical Services.

Paul started his undergraduate degree in Pastoral Ministries/Theology at Evangel University. He attended the AG theological seminary earning his Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling. Paul completed his doctoral dissertation and is well-researched in integrating psychology, spirituality, and race relations to address polarizing issues related to systems and mental health disparities. His counseling experience has served students and families all over the U.S in various clinical settings (i.e., National therapeutic boarding school (NATSAP), acute and residential treatment facilities, and outpatient and private practices).

Paul Po Ching’s therapeutic focus begins with empowering people’s narratives through empathy, genuine support, and safety. Paul also uses a solid cognitive-behavioral and person-centered therapeutic approach. He is also experienced with persons dealing with emotional issues (i.e., anxiety and depression), family discord, and cultural dynamics with racial reconciliation. Paul has a solid multi-ethnic and multi-cultural background rooted in cross-cultural psychology. He is also an ordained minister that welcomes the benefit of faith integration while providing mental health counseling that focuses on the needs of the individual to identify problems, work through the process, and rebuild progress.