A Team of Experienced And Qualified Mental Health Professionals

At Carewright Clinical Services, we believe in creating a relaxed but knowledgeable environment in order to allow our patients the opportunity to work toward healthy breakthroughs with our doctors and staff. Our staff stays up-to-date with contemporary developments in diagnosis and treatment in order to ensure that they are always treating our patients in the most effective method possible.

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Dr. Mark Cartwright, PhD, LSSP, LP

Dr. Mark Cartwright Dr. Cartwright was appointed by Governor Abbott ...
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Dr. Louanne M. Parker, Ph.D., LSSP, NCSP

Dr. Parker is both a Licensed Psychologist (LP) and a ...
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Dr. Kalima Charway Ph.D., LP, LSSP

Dr. Charway completed her undergraduate studies at Howard University in ...
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Dr. Andria McCarty, Ph.D., LP

Dr. Andria McCarty completed her Bachelor of Science degree at ...
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Penny Drake, MS

Ms. Drake spent her early years working in office management, ...
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Janice Abraham, M.A., LPC

Janice received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the ...