Tammy Williams-Harper, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Tammy Williams is a licensed clinical social worker and works as a contractor providing individual counseling services in nursing home facilities for Carewright Clinical Services.

Tammy prioritizes a holistic therapeutic approach by creating a safe and nurturing space for clients to explore their thoughts, emotions, and experiences. She believes in the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit by integrating mindfulness, self-care practices, and evidence-based therapeutic techniques. Tammy has experience in case management, pre-surgical psychological evaluations, home study evaluations, referrals and individual therapy.

Tammy strives to empower individuals to make positive changes and cultivate a sense of inner peace and resilience throughout various settings such as home healthcare, nursing facilities, schools(special education programs), mental health outpatient/inpatient, and managed care organized. As your therapist, her goal is always to support individuals in their quest to healing, personal growth and self discovery.